Charcoal grille and Local Sake Sanpou Nishimuraya Honten, Kinosaki Onsen

“Sanpou Nishimuraya Honten” is the newest restaurant & gift boutique of Kinosaki Onsen. We invite all visitors to experience the open & warm design of our unique Japanese-style dining restaurant and the fresh tastes of Tajima cuisine (Northern Hyogo prefecture) which have been the cornerstone of Nishimuraya’s hospitality for more than 160 years.

About Sanpou Nishimuraya Honten

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  • History

    Photo of SANPOU's history

    According to legend, Kinosaki Onsen as a hot spring town came about 1,300 years ago when a priest named Dochi Shonin had a vision to pray for the health of the townspeople for 1,000 days. After he did, it is said the hot spring burst forth at the place which is now Mandara-yu. Sanpou Nishimuraya is located on the land which use to be the old Goshono-yu hot spring and is also the location of Mihashira Shrine - the first shrine in Kinosaki Onsen.

  • What is “Sanpou”?

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    The name “Sanpou” has two references. One is a traditional Japanese notion of shared value & corporate responsibility called “sanpou yoshi” (pronounced san-poh yo-shh) which holds that all stakeholders - buyer, business & society - should prosper together. This philosophy is ingrained in Nishimuraya’s corporate creedo. Second reference is to the guardian deity of Kinosaki Onsen - Sanpokojin - which is enshrined in Mihashira Shrine behind Sanpou Nishimuraya.


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”The heart & bounties of Tajima”

Sanpou is committed to making the highest effort to source fresh ingredients, face-to-face from local producers.
Our craftsmen chefs work diligently to ensure the freshest, tastiest, most original meals possible are offered every day.

Photo of Japanese IRORI

Japanese "irori" cooking hearth

A Japanese irori cooking hearth is at the center of restaurant Sanpou Dining.
Chefs cook the food with sumibiyaki charcoal in full view to allow dinners to experience & enjoy our cuisine with all of their senses.

Photo of cuisine
Photo of cuisine
Photo of cuisine
Photo of cuisine
Photo of cuisine
Photo of cuisine

Seasonal Menu

  • Spring
    April - June
  • Summer
    July - August
  • Autumn
    September - October
  • Winter
    November - March

Reservation required: Dinner course / Lunch course